Soteria seeks to set a new standard for addiction recovery.

Although Soteria may be a new organization in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we are not new to the work of substance abuse recovery.  In fact, our leadership and staff bring decades of treatment experience.  Drawing from diverse expertise in individual counseling, family therapy, medical practices, psychiatric services, and pastoral care, we bring a different perspective to the recovery process.  We engage the whole self in the work of recovery.  We engage the heart, mind, body, and soul along the way to authentic life change, a change brought by the loving power of God.

For those seeking freedom from the destructive cycles of addiction, we stand ready to meet you where you are, and we stand ready to walk with you in the journey of finding peace and great health in your life.

Stated simply, Soteria is an approach to recovery designed to assist people discover the Light of Life after the Darkness of Addiction.  This is accomplished through a variety of means.  We create meaningful learning opportunities through Life Skills and Chemical Dependency Education groups.  We facilitate insight driven counseling for individuals seeking sobriety.  We assist in reconnecting lives and rebuilding relationships through personalized family therapy.  We provide direction and support for those needing additional help in their recovery as they address specific biological and psychological issues.  And finally, we engage the soul of a person.  This is far more than lip-service to some vague spiritual principle of recovery.  We are an organization and program that confesses a Christian perspective on life and recovery, a Christian perspective held with grace and gentleness, a Christian perspective giving rise to hope and a new kind of life in God.

We invite you to experience the difference found in a community

that assists people in the journey of recovery as an extension of God’s redemptive work.